What to Consider When Buying a Wooden Table?

1. First of all, producing an ordinary wooden table is easy, but producing a quality wooden table requires significant experience and serious technical knowledge. Therefore, if you want to buy a quality wooden table rather than a cheap wooden table, you should choose professional production facilities that only produce tables instead of furniture workshops.

2. Most workshops do not have lumber drying ovens, CNC routers and calibrated sanding machines. In addition, workshops think that they are drying the wood by either keeping it outside somewhere, or they buy timber from companies that do the timber drying process on a subcontract basis. Even if you dry the trees outside for 50 years, the trees will not dry enough because their cells do not burst. There are very few companies in Turkey that can dry the timber to be used in wooden table construction to 8% wood moisture. Because electricity costs are very high and wood drying is an important task in itself. The cells of timber that cannot be dried below 8% do not burst and most of the tables made with these timbers crack or warp. As Ravilla, we have 5 timber drying kilns, and since these kilns work with solar heat, we do not have any electricity costs, so we can dry our trees as much as we want. In addition, these ovens that work with solar heat have received an R&D award from a university in America.

3. In which months do they cut their trees? There is no water in the trees cut between October and mid-March. These trees are of better quality and do not warp or crack easily. Additionally, worms do not occur easily in these trees. Since there is no water in the trees cut during these months, the colors of the trees are very vibrant and beautiful.

4. Be sure to ask the companies you contact to buy a wooden table whether they have their own timber drying kiln and, if so, to what percent moisture level they dry the trees in the kiln. Most manufacturers won't even give you this information.

5. Do you have CNC machines to level the tree in the best quality and smooth way?

6. Are there calibrating machines to sand the tables flat and avoid wavy sanding?

7. It is very, very important that the glue used is of high quality so that the wooden tables do not separate from the joints. Be sure to ask the companies you are interviewing with which brand of glue they use and which brand of wood oil they use. We use one of the highest quality glue and wood oils in the world. A quality product is achieved by using quality materials and good workmanship. Tables made with teak oils or varnishes that cover the surface as a layer are neither useful nor beautiful-looking.

8. Also, be sure to ask what kind of packaging is used to transport the wooden tables. Because wooden tables are heavy, cargo workers damage the wooden tables while loading or unloading them. The tables are packaged in wooden cases with corner protectors. Packaging made with bubble wrap is inadequate. As Ravilla, we ship your tables with reliable companies, using both thick cardboard corner protectors and wooden cases.

9. Be sure to ask how to assemble wooden tables. Because most table manufacturers use a screw foot system for table assembly, and you may not have an electric drill at home for this system. In addition, wooden tables may stretch over time due to weather conditions and screws may break. Since we, as Ravilla, use the allen bolt system in the wooden table system, you can easily assemble the legs of your tables in as little as 5 minutes. The tables are sent to you with the bolt holes ready, along with the Allen key for the assembly of the tables.

You can choose us with peace of mind to buy a table that you will use for a lifetime and with real pleasure.

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