The Importance of Wooden Tables

Tables are the heart of our home as furniture. It is one of the most important items of our home, where we gather as a family every day and eat delicious meals, celebrate birthdays and other important occasions, host guests for meals, accumulate good memories by spending time together, and engage in hobbies, handicrafts, and many other tasks. Tables are also our work areas. is the brain. We spend most of our time at desks in our workspaces and make the most important decisions at desks.

The most important and indispensable items in restaurants and cafes, as in our homes, are tables and chairs. Of course, an item that takes up so much space in our lives and that we spend a long time with must have a very important value for us. It is necessary to make the right decision when choosing such an important item. Below we have written the information you need to help you choose the right table.

The Most Used Table Types in the World According to Their Materials:

  • MDF Tables
  • Wooden Tables
  • Plastic Tables
  • Marble-Stone Tables
  • Metal Tables
  • Compact Desks

Of the tables mentioned above, the most valuable, most aesthetic and healthiest are undoubtedly wooden tables, provided that they are maintained. When the trees used in wooden tables are chosen correctly and are best saved in timber drying kilns and quality workmanship is performed, tables made from these trees can easily be used for more than 100 years.

Why is Tree Selection for Tables Very Important?

First of all, let us tell you which wood tables are most preferred in the world:

  • Oak-tree
  • Walnut
  • Teak Tree
  • Spruce Tree
  • Pine tree
  • Iroko Tree

1- When choosing a tree for the table, it must first be decided whether the tables will be used indoors or outdoors. Trees used indoors either crack easily when used outdoors or begin to rot in a short time in outdoor conditions. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right trees to be used outdoors. Trees such as Teak, Ayous, Iroko and Chestnut can be used outdoors for many years. The most durable outdoor table is made of teak wood. Walnut, pine, hornbeam, oak, etc. are short-lived trees for outdoor use because they rot more easily.

2- Since softwoods are more easily crushed and scratched, it would be better to choose hardwoods for table making.

3- It is also very important to choose the color of the tree according to the design of the environment in which the table will be used and to design your table to suit this environment.

4- The wood to be used in table making must be dried in a timber drying kiln. Trees that are not dried in a timber drying oven will never be dried by being left outside. In addition, trees that cannot be dried in the oven do not look good when oil or varnish is applied, and they easily crack, warp or become wormy.

5- Using quality wood oils instead of varnish or paint on your wooden tables will definitely be the better decision in most cases. Because wood oil does not kill the natural texture of the wood and when you touch the tables, you feel the naturalness and warmth of the wood. In addition, since wood oils do not clog the pores of the wood, the wood continues to breathe, that is, to live. In addition, the maintenance of tables on which wooden oils are used on the surface is very easy in the coming years. However, since wooden restaurant tables are used very intensively and are wiped dozens of times every day, using quality and matte varnish on these tables will increase the life of the tables. Apart from such reasons, it would be a much better decision to use wood oils specific to interior or exterior use.

You can also call us to choose the right table you need. By listening to you well and getting enough information about your space, we will be happy to help you choose the right table that you need, that you will love and use with pleasure.

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