Ravilla Table Chair is a Karacalar Group brand. Ravilla was founded by two young entrepreneur brothers who have known and loved wood since childhood and have more than 10 years of import and export experience in nearly 50 countries. Ravilla is on its way to becoming an international brand with its products of high quality and unique designs.

Ravilla, with its 8,000 m² production facility and 1,200 m² store, carefully dries the world's most valuable and rare trees in its own 5 solar-powered lumber drying ovens, a first in Turkey, with the moisture content of the lumber below 8%, in the most natural and It manufactures the best quality wooden furniture and decoration products. Ravilla, with its R&D studies carried out together with a university in America, broke new ground and established Turkey's first solar-powered timber drying ovens, drying high quality timber at the most suitable humidity level for furniture making.

The world's highest quality natural wood oil, which is brought specifically from Europe and is a revolution in wood, is used on the surfaces of the products. Thanks to this oil, the real texture of the products can be felt in all its naturalness and it is resistant to water. In addition, thanks to this special wood oil, scratched or damaged surfaces of the products can be easily repaired.


As Karacalar Group, we believe that sustainable success can only be achieved with customer satisfaction and loyalty; In our company, the feeling of trust, respect, reputation, love for people and nature are always prioritized over material parameters. It is important to establish long-term, win-win relationships with our customers, and we act accordingly in every production as per our company policy. With our quality team combined with our reputation and experience, we achieve more successful projects, each one more successful than the previous one.


Our goal with the Ravilla brand is; Rather than being a company that focuses on high profits by doing a lot of work; Our aim is to be an important company that gains the trust and love of our people with products that are renowned for their quality, and contributes to the increase of the added value of our region by focusing on exports.