We sellect the best quality woods for our natural wood furniture production.

We only use the lumbers of trees cut down in the right season to get the maximum quality.

We increase the quality and extend the life of lumbers by steaming them in a steam kiln to remove their water, worms, larvas and insects.


After keeping our steamed lumbers waited a while in our warehouse, we dry them in our solar kilns until their moisture content (MC) is below 8%.

The furnitures made by lumbers which are not well kiln dried will have cracking, checking, rotting, problems, won’t give a beautiful fnishing and can not be glued well. Therefore, we dry our lumbers in solar kilns very well without rushing.

We only use best parts of woods for furnitures, we don’t use every wood part for every furniture.

Not every furniture can be made from any wood species.

We use 100% natural and the best finishing oil in the world for our furnitures and don’t use any chemical finishes which are harmful for human health. The finishing oil we use also increases water resistance of our furnitures.

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