Why Ravilla?

  • We are one of the brands that produce the highest quality wooden tables and wooden chairs in Turkey.
  • The quality of our products is appreciated even in top countries such as America, Canada, Norway, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
  • How many companies have you seen where their employees are both experienced and in love with their job? As a manufacturer, we are both professionals and truly in love with our work.
  • By carrying out R&D studies together with a university in America, we built Turkey's first solar-powered timber drying ovens and were able to dry very high quality timber in these ovens.
  • We use one of the world's highest quality wood glues and wood oils.
  • We choose the best quality timber to use in our furniture manufacturing. In order to get the maximum quality from the trees, we only use timber from trees cut in certain seasons.
  • After our timber is kept for a certain period of time, its moisture content is reduced to 6-8% in timber drying ovens and it is made ready for use in furniture manufacturing. Furniture made with insufficiently dried timber may crack, warp, rot, etc. Problems are encountered, the glue does not adhere strongly, the surface vibrancy is faded and the furniture is not of high quality.
  • We separate each part of the tree and use the right parts in the right furniture. Not every piece of furniture can be made from every timber.