Which trees are most preferred in the world?

Tables, which are indispensable in our homes, are produced from different types of wood. So, which trees are most preferred in the world?

Walnut Table

Tables made of walnut wood are less damaged because they have a durable and hard surface. In addition, since walnut wood belongs to the hardwood group, its pore structures are smaller. Thanks to their small pore structure and the feature of their fiber structure, when they are dried well in the oven, they are less affected by changes in the amount of humidity in the air due to climatic conditions. In this case, there will not be much cracking or warping in furniture made of walnut trees. However, one of the important reasons why walnut wood is one of the most loved and preferred tables in the world is that it has a great characteristic beauty and brown tones of different darks, which are the most popular in furniture. Walnut trees are one of the trees with the most beautiful characteristics in the world. Indoor furniture made of walnut wood is one of the most durable and most beautiful furniture in the world.

Oak Table

Meşe Masa, meşe ağacının dünyanın bir çok yerinde bol olarak bulunması, dayanıklı ve güzel desenlere sahip olması nedeniyle masa yapımında dünyada en çok tercih edilen ağaçlardan biridir. Fakat fırında kurutulmasının çok zor olması ve uzun sürmesi, kolayca çatlaması, yamulması ve açık renkli olması nedeniyle ceviz ağacı kadar değerli olmayan ve daha ekonomik olan bir ağaç türüdür. Meşe masalar Avrupa ve Amerika’da daha çok ucuz masa olarak tercih edilirler.

Teak Table

Teak tree grows mostly in South Asia and South America regions. However, since teak trees in the South American region are mostly plantations, their quality is slightly lower than South Asian teak trees. Despite this, teak tree is one of the most expensive, most useful and durable trees in the world. Teak wood is a tree that is extremely resistant to water, sun and moisture outdoors due to its fiber structure and oiliness. For this reason, teak tree is the world's number one preferred tree for outdoor furniture. That's why the world's best quality outdoor tables and furniture are undoubtedly made of teak wood. However, it is not preferred as much as walnut and oak furniture in interior furniture because it is very expensive and its patterns (moires) and aesthetic appearance are not as beautiful as walnut and oak wood.

Pine Table

Pine wood is one of the most used trees in table making because it is easily available in many parts of the world and is economical. Pine tables are the cheapest and least aesthetically pleasing wooden tables in the world. In addition, since most pine trees, except for some pine species, contain resin, these resins will dirty our clothes when they come to the surface of the table. It is a great problem that pine resin stains get dirty on our clothes and do not come off easily. In addition, it can even cause customers to become very angry in places such as cafes and restaurants. No matter how thick varnish is applied on pine tables, resins will come to the surface of the table. Additionally, since pine wood is soft, pine tables are damaged more easily. Pine tables are one of the tables that are very economical and have the lowest usage and aesthetic value, which we do not recommend.

Iroko Table

Iroko tree is a type of tree with a hard structure that grows in Africa. The Iroko tree also has its own species. The most valuable and high quality iroko species is Golden Iroko. After Iroko teak, it is the most commonly used tree species in outdoor furniture. It is a dark colored tree that is very resistant to water. Iroko tree is a tree species that is not preferred by Europeans because it is cut excessively and unplanned in African forests and is generally cut without certification.

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