The Story and Importance of the Cedar Tree

The tree that used to be preferred as loot instead of gold in wars!

Cedar tree is known as Cedrus Libani in botany. It has a pyramid-like appearance. Cedar tree is one of the first-class forest trees that grows in our country and is very valuable. It is a tree species that remains evergreen, can grow around 30-40 meters tall, and can live for as long as 2,367 years if it finds the right environment. Today, the world's highest quality cedar tree grows in Turkey, but it is a tree species whose value is well known in Europe and America rather than in our country. It is also decorated and prepared as a pine tree on New Year's Eve.

In ancient times, states derived their wealth and power from cedar forests. The wars that are the subject of the Epic of Gilgamesh were fought to possess the cedar forests. During the Assyrian period, cedar logs and resin were used as war spoils and tribute. Phoenicians became a great naval power by trading cedar wood. It has been used for centuries, especially in shipbuilding, because it is water resistant. Egyptians, B.C. In the 2,600s, they built 45 meter long ships from cedar logs. Cedar logs were brought to Egypt from the Phoenician port in exchange for gold, silver metal goods, papyrus, wheat and olive oil.

Following a study conducted by Istanbul University in Turkey, it was determined that a cedar tree in the Dibek Nature Reserve was 2,326 years old. This research has shown that the oldest cedar tree in the world is in Turkey.

The origin of the cedar tree is Lebanon and it has shaped world history due to its durability. So, it is not a coincidence that there is a cedar tree in the Lebanese flag. The cedar tree is so important; It is related to its structure, that is, its durability, oil and smell.

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