Why Should Wooden Tables Be Preferred in Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices?

If you want to earn more money and attract elite customers, you should choose wooden tables with high quality workmanship and properly designed. Because wooden tables will add value to your spaces as they have a characteristic, rich and attractive visual. In addition, wooden tables will fit perfectly into any decoration. Since wooden tables have a warm structure and attractive beauty, customers' hands constantly wander around the tables and take away the negative energy of the customers. Customers are impressed and feel at peace with this situation. In addition, wooden tables positively affect the mood of the users because they have a natural appearance. In this way, quality wooden tables will contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and customers will not be bored while waiting for service from you.

Now, as Ravilla, we will tell you an interesting success story of a small döner restaurant thanks to wooden tables in 2020. In a phone call to our company representative, Ali Bey, the owner of Legendary Döner, wanted to order a wooden table. Our company manager said that our wooden tables would be expensive because he knew that Mr. Ali sold only chicken doner at a cheap price. However, Mr. Ali said that he could only sell chicken doner for years and that he was unsuccessful in selling the more expensive meat doner, but he believed that he could sell meat doner when he bought the wooden tables. Because he said that we gave wooden tables to a patisserie close to him, that thanks to these tables, the patisserie gained a more luxurious appearance, that the tables attracted the attention of tourists passing through the street to go to the bus garage, and that he saw an increase in sales, and that is why he definitely wanted to buy a wooden table.

After the agreement is made, we deliver the tables to him. Two months later, when our company representative got curious and visited the Legend Döner, he saw that the Legend Döner had managed to attract the attention of tourists thanks to the beautiful wooden tables and chairs it placed on the roadside, and that it was selling more than the expected amount of meat doner in a short time. He has also seen his chicken doner sales increase. From here, we witness how important design is in our workplaces and living spaces and how much it affects us. Because wooden furniture and accessories are used in spaces for both functional and decorative purposes. Indeed, quality wooden furniture and wooden accessories are among the most important design materials. When the right and high-quality wooden tables are used in your workplaces, they will attract more customers, increase the value of your place and give you the opportunity to present to your customers in a more beautiful environment. In fact, it will definitely contribute to selling the products you offer to the customer at a higher price. In fact, since your quality wooden tables will bring you more customers and allow you to sell your products at a higher price, your tables will pay for themselves in a few years and you will be able to buy these tables either for free or at a very affordable price. Remember, the right and quality product is never expensive because it will always bring you profit.

Psychiatrist Dr. is also a nature lover. Savaş Öztürk purchased natural wooden furniture produced from Ravilla's walnut tree for his clinic. Since his clinic is located in a tourist city, after the comments he received about his clinic from patients coming from Europe and different cities of Turkey, surprising results emerged according to the evaluations and observations he made with dozens of patients. As a result of these observations, he stated that wooden furniture attracted the attention of customers and that it seemed very natural and different to them. Immediately after these comments from the patients, he asked the patients to touch the wood and feel the naturalness of the wood. In this way, he saw that the patients calmed down and relaxed, the wood affected their mood somewhat positively, and they adapted themselves to a clinical environment more quickly. In this way, Psychiatrist Dr. Mr. Savaş stated that he was able to start his sessions with patients more easily, more comfortably and advantageously.

You can also call us to add value to your spaces, serve your customers in a more beautiful environment and earn more money. We will be happy to help you choose the right and highest quality tables for your venues.

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