What to Consider When Purchasing an Epoxy Table?

Epoxy tables are unique and very aesthetically appealing ultra-luxury tables that have gained popularity in recent years. However, there are some important factors you should pay attention to when purchasing these specially designed tables. In this article, as one of Turkey's highest quality and oldest epoxy table manufacturers, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when purchasing an epoxy table.

1.Epoxy Material Quality: What Kind of Epoxy Was Used

Epoxy; It is a versatile and durable material used in numerous applications due to its durability, flexibility, multifunctionality, colorability, filling and coating properties and aesthetic appearance. The quality of epoxy tables, which have become very popular in recent years, depends on the type of epoxy material used. Low-quality epoxies, especially those made in China, may cause problems such as yellowing, warping (even if they were dried very well during production) and fading over time. A quality epoxy offers long-lasting durability and aesthetically pleasing results. High quality German and Italian epoxies should be preferred. There are also very good quality epoxy brands whose raw materials are brought from Europe and produced in our country.

2.UV Resistance:

The epoxies used must be resistant to UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Tables made with epoxies, which are more resistant to sunlight, do not turn yellow easily. In addition, even though epoxy tables are UV resistant under normal conditions, they should never be used in indoor or outdoor areas exposed to intense direct sunlight. In epoxy tables that are exposed to very intense and direct sunlight, the epoxy cracks, the color fades, your table warps, and the epoxy surface burns slightly and becomes rough and ugly. Repair of epoxy tables is both difficult and costly. That's why it is very important to buy these tables only from quality epoxy table manufacturers.

3.Epoxy Hardness:

Some brands of epoxies cannot harden sufficiently even if they are dried for a very long time after the construction of the tables. Therefore, epoxies can reach the correct hardness rate; It is very important to prevent epoxy tables from being easily scratched, damaged or warped.

4.Size and Suitability: Where Will the Table Be Used?

Before purchasing an epoxy table, you should consider where you will place your table. Table size should be appropriate to the size of the place and its intended use. Especially in narrow or small spaces, you can choose a small table.

5.Epoxy Table Maintenance: How to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Tables?

Maintenance of epoxy tables is important to preserve their eye-catching beauty and ensure their long life. Chemicals should never be used for cleaning, the table should be wiped very gently with a soft, slightly damp and cotton cloth. Additionally, hot materials should not be placed on epoxy tables. Placing plate coasters or using fabric covers while eating will prevent your tables from being scratched and they will remain in their new state for many years. Never use a glass or plastic cover on your epoxy tables. When plastic cover or glass is used, the surfaces of epoxy tables will not be able to breathe, so sweat will occur and the epoxies will become dull.

6.Budget: Which Epoxy Table Fits Your Budget?

Prices of epoxy tables may vary depending on design, size and quality. It's important to set a budget before purchasing. You can purchase the perfect epoxy table by choosing the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Epoxy tables are unique furniture that offers a modern and stylish look. However, to make the right choice, you should consider factors such as quality, size, maintenance and budget. Epoxy tables are luxury tables that are very expensive.

As a result, it should be confirmed whether epoxy table manufacturers have their own timber drying ovens. Because the cost of electricity used during the kiln-driving of the timber is very high and it is desired to dry more trees in a shorter time, the timber is not dried properly by subcontracting it to another company. Major problems such as warping and cracking occur in epoxy tables made from timber that does not dry well. In addition, since epoxy does not adhere well to timber that is not cured well, the epoxy may separate from the table and your table may become unusable. As Ravilla, we have 5 timber drying ovens that work with solar heat, which is a first in Turkey. These ovens, which work with solar heat, are our own R&D work and have been awarded by a university in America for quality drying.

Epoxy casting of tables should be done in special casting rooms isolated from dust, moisture and high temperature. The temperature of the rooms should be 20 degrees and below and the humidity of the air in the casting room should be kept between 40-60%. Never buy epoxy tables from companies that do not have a special casting room and air conditioning, vacuum machine, ventilation fan, dust suction vacuum cleaner or air conditioning machine in these rooms. Because epoxy does not like humid air, dusty and dirty environments, and environments whose humidity is not kept in a certain balance, and quality workmanship cannot be achieved in these environments. We have a room that we use only for epoxy casting and all the equipment mentioned above.

If you want to buy a high quality, beautifully designed and eye-catching epoxy table, call us. As Ravilla, let us listen to you in the best way possible and guide you to buy the epoxy table you will love the most. Let us share with you the production of your epoxy table, which you will use in the most valuable part of your spaces, and leave a beautiful memory for you.

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