Epoxy tables have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique and aesthetically pleasing designs. However, there are some important factors to consider when purchasing these special design tables. In this article, as one of Turkey’s highest quality and oldest epoxy table manufacturers, we will explain what to consider when buying epoxy tables.

1.Epoxy Material Quality: What Type of Epoxy Is Used

Epoxy is a versatile and durable material used in numerous applications due to its durability, flexibility, multi-functionality, ability to be colored, and its filling and coating properties. The quality of epoxy tables, which have become quite popular in recent years, depends on the type of epoxy used. Low-quality epoxies, especially those from China, can lead to problems such as yellowing, warping (even if they are well dried during production), and fading over time. High-quality epoxy provides long-term durability and aesthetically satisfying results. It is recommended to prefer top-quality epoxies, especially those from Germany and Italy. There are also high-quality epoxy brands in Turkey that import their raw materials from Europe and manufacture excellent quality epoxies.

2.UV Resistance:

Epoxy used in tables should have UV (Ultraviolet) resistance. Tables made with epoxies that are more resistant to sunlight are less likely to yellow. However, even if epoxy tables have UV resistance under normal conditions, they should not be used directly in areas with intense sunlight, both indoors and outdoors. In environments with direct and intense exposure to sunlight, epoxy tables can crack, lose color, warp, and the epoxy surface can become rough and unsightly. Repairing epoxy tables is both difficult and costly. Therefore, it is essential to purchase these tables only from reputable epoxy table manufacturers.

3.Epoxy Hardness:

Some epoxy brands may not harden sufficiently even after a long drying period. Achieving the correct hardness level in epoxies is crucial to prevent tables from scratching, getting damaged, and warping.

4.Size and Suitability: Where Will the Table Be Used?

Before purchasing an epoxy table, you should consider where you will place it. The size of the table should be suitable for the space and its intended use. In small or narrow spaces, you may prefer a smaller table.

5.Epoxy Table Maintenance: How to Clean and Protect Epoxy Tables

Maintenance of epoxy tables is important to preserve their eye-catching beauty and ensure their longevity. Cleaning should be done without using chemicals; the table should be gently wiped with a soft, slightly damp, and cotton cloth. Additionally, hot items should not be placed directly on epoxy tables. Using placemats or fabric covers during meals can prevent scratches and keep the tables looking new for years. It’s important not to use glass or plastic covers on epoxy tables, as they can trap moisture, causing the epoxy to become matte.

6.Budget: Which Epoxy Table Fits Your Budget?

The prices of epoxy tables can vary based on design, size, and quality. It’s important to set a budget before making a purchase. By selecting an epoxy table that meets your needs and fits your budget, you can find the perfect epoxy table.

In conclusion, it’s essential to verify whether epoxy table manufacturers have their own wood drying kilns. Properly dried wood is crucial, as poorly dried wood can lead to issues like warping and cracking in epoxy tables. Additionally, epoxy does not adhere well to poorly dried wood, which can result in tables becoming unusable. At Ravilla, we have five wood drying kilns that operate using solar heat, making us the first in Turkey to use this technology. Our drying process has been recognized for its quality by a university in the United States.

Epoxy pouring for tables should be done in specially designed casting rooms that are isolated from dust, humidity, and high temperatures. The room temperature should be kept below 20 degrees Celsius, and the humidity level in the casting room should be maintained between 40-60%. Manufacturers without dedicated casting rooms and equipment such as air conditioning, vacuum machines, ventilation fans, dust extraction vacuums, and climate control machines should be avoided when purchasing epoxy tables. Epoxy does not favor humid, dusty, or unstable humidity environments, and quality craftsmanship is not achievable under such conditions. We have a dedicated casting room and all the mentioned equipment for epoxy pouring.

If you want to purchase a high-quality, beautifully designed, and eye-catching epoxy table, please contact us. At Ravilla, we will listen to your needs and guide you to find the epoxy table you will love the most. Let us make your epoxy table, which will be placed in the most valuable place in your space, and leave you with a beautiful memory.

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