The surfaces of wooden furniture are coated with paint and varnish or lubricated with wood oil. Care should be taken in the use and cleaning of furniture coated with paint or varnish. Because the surface of painted or varnished furniture is either very difficult or impossible to repair.

Furniture or tables, whose surfaces are lubricated with wood oil, have a more original and natural appearance, and they will be easier to maintain in case of any scratches, stains, etc.

Wet cloths or chemicals should never be used for cleaning wooden furniture. Cleaning materials with chemical content quickly fade the varnish, paint or oil on the surface of wooden furniture and wear out the furniture. When cleaning with chemical materials, wood oil on the surface of your table or furniture quickly evaporates and your furniture has an old appearance. The surface of wooden furniture is cleaned with a soft dusting brush or with a dry and soft cloth (the cloth will never be wet). If there is dirt on the surface of your wooden furniture or table that you cannot clean with a dry cloth or a soft cloth, you can buy it from quality wood cleaners sold in the markets and use it.

In addition, plate mats can be used while eating to prevent the wooden tables from getting dirty, and in this way, you can prevent your table from getting dirty. In this case, the surface of your table will remain new for many years. If there is wood oil on the surface of your table, if you oil your table 3-4 times in 3-5 years, you can continue to use your table as brand new for many years. Furniture with wood oil on its surface does not require easy maintenance if it is cleaned correctly. In this case, it will be enough to lubricate your wooden furniture once in your life. Maybe if you clean and use your furniture correctly, there will be no maintenance needed for life.

In addition, wooden furniture darken over the years as it comes into contact with the air. If you change the places of the objects you put on your wooden furniture from time to time, the surfaces on which the objects are located will not remain light-colored and will not leave any traces.

For the cleaning and maintenance of your wooden furniture, it will be the right decision to consult the companies from which you purchased the furniture.


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