This chair is specially produced from walnut wood.
It is one of the most luxurious chair designs.

    • Our chair is produced with comfort and durability in mind.
    • Quality sponge, fabric or leather is used in the upholstery of this chair.
    • It has a carrying capacity of 160 kg.
    • The buyer should specify the flooring color from the color chart in the photos.
    • One of the world’s best quality natural wood oils has been used on the wooden part of the chair.
    • One of the world’s best quality wood glues is used in the wooden joints of the chair.
    • Since each walnut tree is unique and natural, the veins and colors of each tree will be different. But they will all be compatible with each other.
    • First class flooring is used.
    • The woods used in the production of this table were dried under 8% humidity with great care and attention in the timber drying kilns working with Solar Heat, the R&D of which we did together with a university in the USA.
    • Woods dried below 8% humidity do not easily crack, warp and are not exposed to worming.
    • One of the world’s best quality natural wood oils and glues has been used in the making of this chair.
    • The wood used in the construction of this chair was produced only from trees cut in October and March. Since the trees cut down in these months have a minimum amount of water, the wood of this table is longer lasting, does not worm easily, the surface color is very vivid, the glue sticks the wood more firmly.